The best dream catchers for men

Dream catchers are usually associated with teenage girls who have it hanging above their bed in their pink themed bedroom, kind of like the picture below.

However ugly you think this bedroom is, it is a typical girls room with a dream catcher in it. However when you think of dream catchers you don’t usually think of men having dream catchers in their bedrooms. Although there are many types of dream catchers that will suit a man or boys bedroom.

Dream catchers for men

Take for example this dream catcher which is green and black it is unlike to be in a girls bedroom and more in a young mans room.

Also this one below can be something a guy is more likely to buy and own rather than a woman.

When choosing a dream catcher as a man there are a few things you have to bear in mind. Color is important, the darker the color the better, it is more likely to have a brown, black, blue, green or grey colored dream catcher rather than the brighter colors like pink.

Dream catchers for cars

Most males love their cars and tend to look for a decent car and stuff to put in it, it is not uncommon for men to hang dream catchers in their car as many have started to put dream catchers hanging from their rear view mirror. If your a male and don’t want to hang one in your bedroom you can always hang it in your car.

What are dream catcher jars and where can you buy them

Dream catchers come in many different forms. Usually they look like the picture below and are said to catch bad dreams and keep bad spirits away.

However now there is a new style dream catcher, which isn’t a netted ring with beads and feathers but jars.

They are said to work the same way, similar to the legend of Pandora’s box it is said that you should not open the jar as you let out all the bad dreams. The best place to buy them from is specialist dream catcher jar websites which you can google to find. However these can be expensive so it is best you search on Amazon or Ebay.

What stores sell dream catchers in USA

There are a number of places you can buy dream catchers from in the united states. Typically big brand stores shelve space can be very profitable and they only stock items that sell fast and often all year around. Dream catchers are not the best sellers in comparison to other items and therefore big stores don’t always stock them.

Shops that sell dream catchers in the USA – Target do sometimes sell dream catchers as well as arts and crafts tools to make your own dream catcher. They also sell dream catcher style items like bed sheets and iphone cases. – Accessorize do stock a large variety of dream catcher items, including ear rings, necklaces and the actual dream catchers – Claries do always have dream catchers in stock and have about 40+ items always for sale and is probably the best bet for finding a dream catcher in store. However most of the dream catchers are very girly and made for teenage girls rather than grown men or women.

Other places to buy dream catchers

Other than the 3 stores named above your best bet is to buy online or at handmade stores that sell ones made by ordinary people. These are likely to be better quality and more unique however they are likely to be more expensive as they are going to be mass produced.

How much does a dream catcher tattoo cost

The cost of a dream catcher tattoo varies depending on where you are and what size of tattoo you want. Most tattoo parlours charge on an hourly basis unless you have something very unique or specific and do a set price deal with the tattoo artist.

What effects the cost of a dream catcher tattoo

  • Time spent by the tattoo artist
  • The detail of the tattoo
  • The skill of the tattoo artist
  • The country or city you are in

Dream catcher tattoos and their cost

This tattoo below is an average style dream catcher which would of been copied from a small image and made larger on the body using a stencil. It would take approximately 1-2 hours plus 1 more hour for shading to complete. The average price for an hour would be $50-$100 meaning this tattoo would of cost somewhere between $150-$300.

A full sleeve with a dream catcher tattoo would cost around $500 on average in America.

A small dream catcher tattoo in terms of cost would be around $70-$80 if you use a normal high street tattoo artist. If you go for a more well known premium tattoo artist you can look to pay anywhere from $150-$1800 for the tattoo down below.

 You should always remember a tattoo is pretty much for life and you should never go for the cheaper option, it is worth it to save up and wait till you get the right booking with a good tattoo artist then risk ruining your tattoo and skin.

The best authentic dream catchers

You can’t always tell a new modern style dream catcher apart from an authentic made dream catcher. Sadly there are not any ancient India’s around to make them how they were made before but their traditions do live today.

Modern dream catcher

Modern dream catchers come in many different forms, like this one below is not weaved with string but with cotton and doesn’t have feathers on it or beads in the string.

This style below is also very different as it is in the shape of a tree rather than a spider web style.

Authentic dream catchers

Authentic dream catchers look like the 2 dream catchers below. They have a few distinct feathers. They are, a string weaved in the middle, with beads along the string with feathers attached to the bottom. It is pretty obvious the difference but hopefully this clears up the difference between authentic dream catchers and modern unique styled ones.

The one above is more detailed and probably would only be for the chiefs of the village rather than the ordinary people unlike the one below.

5 reasons why you buy a dream catcher for your bedroom

Here are five reasons why you should buy a dream catcher even if you do or don’t have one already.

1. They look great

Dream catchers come in all different, designs, shapes and sizes. They can be placed in pretty much any room and match with your decor or furniture. They are simple to put up and you can even hang one in your car if you wish.

2. They are cheap

When you buy something for your house it can sometimes be very expensive. But with a dream catch you can pick up a decent one from ebay or amazon for under $10.

3. They are unique

Unique in the sense that not everybody has one. I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a dream catcher in somebody’s house. Having one will set you apart from most homes.

4. They are child friendly

Dream catchers can be used to educate your child about dreams and nightmares and can even work as a placebo effect should they have bad dreams and not want to sleep alone.

5. They are easy to move or replace

Should you get bored or want to move or change your dream catcher they are very easy to move or buy a new one. Even if you change your mind you will hardly be breaking the bank as they aren’t expensive.

5 unique rainbow dream catcher designs

These are hundreds if not thousands of dream catcher designs now. It is hard to actually find a plain dream catcher now days as the unique style designs are in higher demand. A dream catcher trend that will be big in 2017 onwards is the rainbow dream catcher is one of the fastest selling style of dream catcher. Below are 5 rainbow dream catcher designs that gives you an idea what to get should you be looking for one.

Handmade rainbow dream catcher

This is a preium style dream catcher that is hand woven and has multi hoops with multi colored tread and feathers.

Small multi rainbow dream catcher

This style is longer than the others but the rings are smaller and individually colored. Great for hanging on a long wall or in the garden.

Double ring rainbow dream catcher

This is a thicker style dream catcher and instead of string wrapped around it, it has beads due to it being made to be hung outside or in your yard.

Heart shaped dream catcher

Similar in design to the one above but it has 4 hoops which are heart shaped.

Spiral centre rainbow dream catcher

A more unique styled dream catcher as the middle isn’t a spiders net but a spiral going into the centre. The rainbow colors add to the effect and have little butterflies hanging above the feathers.

Top 10 dream catcher side, leg and back girls tattoo

Since the late 90’s dream catcher tattoos have been very popular among girls. Since Miley Cyrus got her side tattoo the growing amount of girls getting dream catchers tattooed on them is on the increase.

Dream catcher back tattoo with quote

Dream catcher color leg tattoo

Black and white dream catcher side body tattoo

Medium size side girl dream catcher tattoo

Dream catcher back tattoo

Detailed side body dream catcher tattoo

Back dream catcher tattoo female

Colour side dream catcher tattoo

Side thigh dream catcher tattoo

Small dream catcher side tattoo

What are dream catchers supposed to do ?

The myth relating to dream catchers are that they are meant to catch your bad dreams so you don’t actually dream those nightmares. That doesn’t mean they stop all dreams getting through they let the good dreams through for you to have a pleasant night sleep.

Do they work?

Dream catchers are regarded as a legend rather then a fact. There is no scientific evidence that they actually work. However there is no proof that they don’t work and some people who suffer from really bad nightmares see dream catchers as a natural and cheap cure for their bad dreams.

Dream catcher tattoo ideas for men

When you think of a dream catcher tattoo you probably think of a hipster girl around 21 years old looking like this pic below where has the tattoo in a specific place like her hip, side or just below her boob. However men actually get dream catcher tattoos to.


So forget all these pretty instagram girls inked with dream catcher tattoos, below are some amazing men with dream catcher tattoos.

Side dream catcher tattoo

This one is a take on what most girls get but very large, before I saw this picture I would never think it could actually work but it doesn’t look to bad.


Shoulder dream catcher tattoo

Another place a man could have one of these tattoos is on the shoulder, now this tattoo has a manly feel to it with a skull in the middle of the dream catcher.


Wolf dream catcher tattoo

Another style on the shoulder is a wolf tattoo in the middle instead of the skull above.


Ying yang dream catcher tattoo

Another male style tattoo on the shoulder would be to have a nice dream catcher inked on it with a ying and yang in the middle.


Dream catcher behind ear tattoo

This is a 2 part dream catcher tattoo idea, you have to wear a dream catcher ear plug with a tattoo behind the ear or you can have a single see through plug.


3D dream catcher tattoo

3D tattoos are on the rise and this one is no exception as to why. A rose on top, with an eye in the middle of the dream catcher is an amazing tattoo design.

Best 3d DreamCatcher Tattoos