5 beautiful coloured dream catchers

When you think of dream catchers you probably think of one with a brown circle rim with white string and white or coloured feathers. Just like this traditional dream catcher below.

traditional dream catcher

For many years dream catchers looked similar to this design in terms of colour and style. Regarding this original dream catcher there has been many adaptations of it, you can see the different types of dream catchers here. However I am mainly focusing on the different coloured types of dream catchers out there.

Blue dream catcher with white strings

blue dream catcher

Pink dream catcher with white and brown feathers

pink dream catcher

Brown dream catcher with green feathers

 green dream catcher

White dream catcher with white feathers

white dream catcher

Red dream catcher with red and green feathers

red dream catcher

There are only 5 examples of the different types of colours dream catchers come in. As most of these are custom made they can come in so many different colours. In fact the possibilities of colours are actually endless and new designs are coming out each and every day.