What stores sell dream catchers in USA

There are a number of places you can buy dream catchers from in the united states. Typically big brand stores shelve space can be very profitable and they only stock items that sell fast and often all year around. Dream catchers are not the best sellers in comparison to other items and therefore big stores don’t always stock them.

Shops that sell dream catchers in the USA

Target.com – Target do sometimes sell dream catchers as well as arts and crafts tools to make your own dream catcher. They also sell dream catcher style items like bed sheets and iphone cases.

Accessorize.com – Accessorize do stock a large variety of dream catcher items, including ear rings, necklaces and the actual dream catchers

Claries.com – Claries do always have dream catchers in stock and have about 40+ items always for sale and is probably the best bet for finding a dream catcher in store. However most of the dream catchers are very girly and made for teenage girls rather than grown men or women.

Other places to buy dream catchers

Other than the 3 stores named above your best bet is to buy online or at handmade stores that sell ones made by ordinary people. These are likely to be better quality and more unique however they are likely to be more expensive as they are going to be mass produced.

Buy dream catchers under $1

Soon as I hear something is under $1 I always think it is worth it, I mean you can’t go wrong with a dollar can you? I myself am always willing to buy something for $1, I mean what is the worst that can happen (apart from losing only $1).

Now days you can’t even buy a drink for $1 let alone something like a dream catcher.  So is this even possible? Well it is simple and very easy to do. You may ask yourself whether the quality will be completely different than an average $10 dream catcher. The answer is yes the quality is different however it is not a massive deal different. You still get a dream catcher, made from the same material and the same exact style.

Take for example this dream catcher picture below and is for sale for only $0.99.


I am sure you can agree that this dream catcher for one dollar is totally worth it. If you do want to see what other 1 dollar dream catchers there are for sale click the link below.

>> Buy $1 dollar dream catchers  <<

5 new unique dream catcher designs

There are many different types of dream catchers many of which are mass produced like many other of the items around the world. Leaving us with many designs being very similar to each other. However if you are looking for a unique style dream catcher than this will be perfect for you.

These dream catchers are all hand made by an Etsy user named TheInnerCat and are probably the best dream catchers I have seen in a very long time. Here are 5 of the best dream catchers she has for sale.

Cat dream catcher


Cat and mouse dream catcher


Moon and star dream catcher


Solar system dream catcher


Sunset effect dream catcher


These are without a doubt some amazing designs so be sure to check out her Etsy page should you wish to inquire about any of them or make a purchase. This is note an advertisement nor have I been paid to write this I just thought the designs were stunning.

How much does a dream catcher cost?

Dream catchers price varies depending on the material used, who is selling it and what country it was made. It may come as no surprise that a dream catcher made in china will average for around $3, and on average one made in the USA would cost around $7-$20. Also there are a number of other factors that you need to take into consideration such as the materials used, if it is an individual selling it rather than a company than you will probably see a lower price.

The 3 biggest sellers of dream catchers are Amazon, Ebay and Esty. Below I will list the prices of each most expensive to cheapest.

dream catcher price

Amazon – Starting from $4 all the way to $150

Ebay – Anywhere between $3 to $70

Esty – $10 to $60

Depending on what you are looking for a dream catcher can cost around $10 on average. I would recommend a $15 to $20 dream catcher as the quality is always better with these.

The best place to buy dream catchers from online

There are a number of websites that sell dream catchers and they are often hard to find and don’t hold the greatest amount of stock or even have the same stock for the past 5 years which is not good for somebody like me who buys dream catchers a few times a year.

Depending on what style of dream catcher you want the price can vary a great deal. The main different in price I find is the type of feathers that are used and the size of the dream catcher.

Take for example one of the more expensive dream catchers on the market.

expensive dream catcher

The price is over $100. This is probably one of the most expensive dream catchers you can buy online today. To be honest there is not a great deal of difference between this and $30 hand made dream catcher.

buy dream catcher

Websites I recommend

Esty.com – On this website everything has to be handmade and you can find a more unique style of dream catchers on here then a factory volume on other websites.

Ebay.com – There is less choice on Ebay than the others on this list however if you order directly from China which you can do you will find yourself a bargain in the auction section.

Amazon.com – I buy most of mine from amazon due to the fast shipping and I find there goods are more of a higher quality and the price is reflected in the goods quality.



Where can I buy a Dreamcatcher from?

Dreamcatchers originated several centuries ago in the Ojibwa tribe of Native America. Their use spread across several cultures soon after their introduction. The sole purpose of dreamcatchers during that era was to keep the horrifying and devilish nightmares away from a person’s sleep and allows the passage of pleasant dreams and thoughts. They were considered to be a highly effective against bad omens.

The use of dreamcatchers still holds up to date with their popularity only increasing over the years. There are many places where you can buy them, especially in many parts of Canada and USA as these countries has the highest demand for dreamcatchers. However, if you are unable to get hold of these very effective items against nightmares, then you always have the option of buying them online. There are various online stores that are selling them. They offer a wide range of assortment of dreamcatchers and the stiff competition in this field has also made their price reasonable.

buy dreamcatcher

If you are opting for dreamcatchers tattoos then it’s advised that you go for the artists that specialize in engraving dreamcatchers tattoos. If no one is available in your vicinity then you always have the option of choosing the design from various magazines or online sites and showing the same to a tattoo artist. Care must be taken in choosing the tattoo artist and you should always go for the reputed ones. If you are willing to devote some time and effort then even you can prepare a dream catcher with the help of a few raw materials which you can easily find.

Lastly, devote some time and effort in finding a reputed seller of dreamcatcher as it’s a sacred item and has got a deeper meaning and is much more than just a fashion accessory.

Recommended websites to buy from