Different forms of Dreamcatcher art

Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatchers have evolved over the many years since they were first used by the native Americans. Many people have taken to having a dreamcatcher tattoo onto them possible as a form of warding bad thoughts, feelings and negative energy away from them even when they are not sleeping.

Back tattoo of a dreamcatcher

back dreamcatcher tattoo

leg tattoo of a dream catcher

leg dreamcatcher tatoo

Neck tattoo of a dreamcatcher

neck dreamcatcher tattooDreamcatcher paintings

As well as tattoos there are also many paintings of dreamcatchers in existance. Many people tend to paint massive dreamcatchers above their beds on their bedroom wall instead of hanging a tiny little one above them. However there are also canvases paintings of dreamcatchers to which some look beautiful, just like the ones below.

Colorful dreamcatcher painting

dreamcatcher art

Black and white dreamcatcher canvas painting

dreamcatcher paintingDreamcatcher wall art

dreamcatcher wall painting

Crochet dreamcatchers

There are also many different materials now being used to make dreamcatchers. Many people now crochet dreamcatchers rather than use the traditional materials that were once used. Giving them more of a decorative theme than a symbolic meaning. 

colourful crochet dreamcatcher

colourful crochet dreamcatcher

White crochet dreamcatcher

white crochet dreamcatcher