What is a Dreamcatcher ?

The story behind Dreamcatchers

The story behind what a dream catcher does was founded around 1000 years ago by native Americans who believed that its web like shape would catch all your bad dreams and let the good dreams slip through if hung above your head while you sleep.

What do Dreamcatchers look like

Dreamcatchers were originally made from wood which was crafted into a hollow circle shape then had threaded string webbed arcoss its center to give it a web catching dream effect. Below is a picture of a traditional Dreamcatcher.


They were usually decorated with a few eagle feathers and seeds with the string in the center either having a pattern or just strung across randomly.

Are Dreamcatchers still used today

As there are not many practising native Americans around in this day and age the original tradition is somewhat of a legends. However many people still believe that dreamcatchers really do catch your bad dreams and are hung over many peoples heads as they sleep at night hoping to never have a nightmare again.