What are dream catchers supposed to do ?

The myth relating to dream catchers are that they are meant to catch your bad dreams so you don’t actually dream those nightmares. That doesn’t mean they stop all dreams getting through they let the good dreams through for you to have a pleasant night sleep.

Do they work?

Dream catchers are regarded as a legend rather then a fact. There is no scientific evidence that they actually work. However there is no proof that they don’t work and some people who suffer from really bad nightmares see dream catchers as a natural and cheap cure for their bad dreams.

What do dream catchers do

Dream catchers are said to catch all the bad thoughts, feelings, bad dreams and nightmares that happen when you are sleep. Instead of living or remembering these dreams when you wake up they are caught on the web of it and forgotten forever.

dreamcatcher black and white

There is no scientific proof that dream catchers actually do work or set out to do what they are made for. Many of the people who have them simply have them to decorate their homes or bedrooms.


However there have been many reports of people having bad dreams or nightmares and then simply having  a dream catcher above their heads has helped them from having them. Many people swear by them and many won’t go to sleep unless they have their dream catcher with them. A lot of people will bring one with them when they stay on holiday for fear of something bad happening to them or having a really bad nightmare.