History of dream catchers

Most of the history around dream catchers are clouded with mystery. There is no evidence to show who actually made the first dream catcher and why. There are legends as to why and how dream catchers were made and who also started making them. The legend goes, that the Ojibwe tribe which means spider first began making dream catchers as their chief saw a vision in the flames of the camp that showed him how to ward off bad spirits in the night. I ordered everybody to make dream catchers and hang them above their beds before they went to sleep in order to trap bad spirits in the net.

Till this day many people believe that hanging a dream catcher above your bed or in your bedroom prevents nightmares. There is no scientific explanation as to why or why they don’t work, however there must be a reason why so many people even in the modern western world still use and buy dream catchers to this very day.


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