Love, valentines day gifts, hearts and dream catchers

Valentines day falls on 14th of February every year and if you are lucky to have a loved one to share it with chances are you will probably want to buy them a gift as well as taking them out for a posh expensive meal.

Valentines day

So why would I associate valentines day with dream catchers? The simple reason would be they make excellent gifts. Here me out… on valentines day suppose you need to buy your wife/husband a gift, you could go with a bottle of champagne, flowers or purfume but those gifts run out and don’t last long and they are not very original. People love gifts that last a life time and if you was to buy a dream catcher for somebody chances are when they look at them they will always remember you, those are the best kind of gifts.

valetines day gift ideas

So why do dream catchers make the perfect gift

Instead of writing a long boring block of text I will list the pros in bullet points

  • They are inexpensive and last a life time, unlike a bunch of roses
  • They are a unique gift idea that probably not many people haveĀ ever thought of before
  • Everybody dreams, so this is gift for men and women
  • They can be put in every room in your house or you could even hang it in your car (not that many people sleep in their car)
  • Most people find them beautiful but have never owned one
  • They suit all types of people and all ages, black or white, young or old, cool or uncool, men or women
  • If you make your own dream catcher you will probably get some brownie points to

love dream catcher

So is a dream catcher gift just for valentines day

Certainly not! You could probably give a dream catcher as a gift to pretty much anybody on any time of the year, even as a wedding present. Like I said they are a gift for everybody, and if you are anything like me and you struggle to buy people gifts because you can’t think of any ideas chances are a dream catcher would be suitable for you to buy.

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