Buy dream catchers under $1

Soon as I hear something is under $1 I always think it is worth it, I mean you can’t go wrong with a dollar can you? I myself am always willing to buy something for $1, I mean what is the worst that can happen (apart from losing only $1).

Now days you can’t even buy a drink for $1 let alone something like a dream catcher.  So is this even possible? Well it is simple and very easy to do. You may ask yourself whether the quality will be completely different than an average $10 dream catcher. The answer is yes the quality is different however it is not a massive deal different. You still get a dream catcher, made from the same material and the same exact style.

Take for example this dream catcher picture below and is for sale for only $0.99.


I am sure you can agree that this dream catcher for one dollar is totally worth it. If you do want to see what other 1 dollar dream catchers there are for sale click the link below.

>> Buy $1 dollar dream catchers  <<

How to draw a dream catchers step by step with video and pictures

When drawing a dream catcher there are many different variations you can go for but most of them have the same thing in common so you have to learn these steps below then you can add your own touches to each of your drawings. There is a video and pictures below under the steps so you can easily follow both.detailed-dream-catcher

Step 1

Draw a circle, you can use a compass or something round to draw around to make the perfect circle. Then you draw another circle around it which is a bit smaller and then a small circle in the middle

Step 2

Then draw 2 lines going into each other and continue this all the way around to form the netting inside the dream catcher.


Step 3

Add in the beads and lines around the outta circle to give the string that wraps around it the effect.

Step 4

You can then draw the feathers on them stemming from a line down from the circle.


Step 5

Add as many feathers as you like and some more beads above them. Finally add shading and some more details as you wish.


Once you have learned this 5 steps you will have something that looks like this picture below. You can add birds, butterflies, roses and all other animals or pretty much anything you want after this. how-to-draw-a-dream-catcher

5 new unique dream catcher designs

There are many different types of dream catchers many of which are mass produced like many other of the items around the world. Leaving us with many designs being very similar to each other. However if you are looking for a unique style dream catcher than this will be perfect for you.

These dream catchers are all hand made by an Etsy user named TheInnerCat and are probably the best dream catchers I have seen in a very long time. Here are 5 of the best dream catchers she has for sale.

Cat dream catcher


Cat and mouse dream catcher


Moon and star dream catcher


Solar system dream catcher


Sunset effect dream catcher


These are without a doubt some amazing designs so be sure to check out her Etsy page should you wish to inquire about any of them or make a purchase. This is note an advertisement nor have I been paid to write this I just thought the designs were stunning.

How much does a dream catcher cost?

Dream catchers price varies depending on the material used, who is selling it and what country it was made. It may come as no surprise that a dream catcher made in china will average for around $3, and on average one made in the USA would cost around $7-$20. Also there are a number of other factors that you need to take into consideration such as the materials used, if it is an individual selling it rather than a company than you will probably see a lower price.

The 3 biggest sellers of dream catchers are Amazon, Ebay and Esty. Below I will list the prices of each most expensive to cheapest.

dream catcher price

Amazon – Starting from $4 all the way to $150

Ebay – Anywhere between $3 to $70

Esty – $10 to $60

Depending on what you are looking for a dream catcher can cost around $10 on average. I would recommend a $15 to $20 dream catcher as the quality is always better with these.

The best place to buy dream catchers from online

There are a number of websites that sell dream catchers and they are often hard to find and don’t hold the greatest amount of stock or even have the same stock for the past 5 years which is not good for somebody like me who buys dream catchers a few times a year.

Depending on what style of dream catcher you want the price can vary a great deal. The main different in price I find is the type of feathers that are used and the size of the dream catcher.

Take for example one of the more expensive dream catchers on the market.

expensive dream catcher

The price is over $100. This is probably one of the most expensive dream catchers you can buy online today. To be honest there is not a great deal of difference between this and $30 hand made dream catcher.

buy dream catcher

Websites I recommend – On this website everything has to be handmade and you can find a more unique style of dream catchers on here then a factory volume on other websites. – There is less choice on Ebay than the others on this list however if you order directly from China which you can do you will find yourself a bargain in the auction section. – I buy most of mine from amazon due to the fast shipping and I find there goods are more of a higher quality and the price is reflected in the goods quality.



Where is the best place to hang your dream catcher

Dream catchers are very light and easy to hang up. You only need a hook or a nail on a wall to hang them. This makes them very versatile and you can easily move them around and place them somewhere else. Below are listed the most common place to hang a dream catcher.

In a bathroom

dream catcher bathroom

Although you probably won’t get much sleep in your bathroom for your dream catcher to catch your dream they do make a beautiful decoration on your wall and as they come in all different sorts of colors it is easy to find one that will match your restroom.

In your bedroom

dream catcher bedroom

This goes without saying, the most popular place to hang a dream catcher is just above your head where you sleep at night. This does not necessarily mean that you can’t have it anywhere else in your room. You could simply have it anywhere in a room where you sleep and it will catch your dream.

A dream catcher in your car

dream catcher car

I have only seen myself have this, instead of an air fresher you could have a small or medium sized dream catcher in your car hanging from your rear view mirror or even hanging off the back of the outside of the car, just make sure it doesn’t obstruct your view when driving.

Your living room

dream catcher living room

As I said above a dream catcher is easy to move around and can be hung in pretty much any room. A nice way to spice up your decor in your living room is by buying a dream catcher which will in turn give your room a whole new make over for only a small amount of dollars.

In your study

dream catcher study

I personally have a dream catcher right above my desk in my office. The reason for this is I often find myself day dreaming so it can catch my bad thoughts there. Plus it looks good.


outside dream catcher

Last but not least a dream catcher outside looks so mysterious in the sunset like this picture above. I have about 4 in my garden mixed in with some chimes and it gives a wonderful area for me to relax in and read a book.

Difference sizes of dream catchers

Dream catchers come in all different shapes and sizes and there is no particular style for them either. You can adapt the colors of pretty much everything from the ring, the string and even the feathers. The main size variations comes from the size of the ring, but changing this it can be made into any size with people even making dream catchers out of hula hoops.

The biggest dream catcher

biggest dream catcher

One of the biggest dream catchers ever made was put outside Arizona in the Sonoran desert. It is a permanent structure and you will probably struggle to find one as big as this.

Large/Big dream catchers

big dream catcher

With the dream catchers popularity still growing with each year many homes across the USA have dream catchers in them. And as with most things in the States things are bigger and better. Huge dream catchers are now across millions of peoples beds when they sleep at night.

Medium sized dream catchers

normal dream catcher

These are probably what comes to mind when you think of a dream catcher and usually it is the first one people buy or make. They are around 4-12 inches long and come in a huge amount of different styles.

Small dream catchers

small dream catcher

Many people are now making mini dream catchers that are equally as beautiful as the large ones. Some can be used to decorate your bedroom as normal or some are turned into different everyday objects like jewelry or key rings.

How to make a homemade dream catcher which is easy for kids

Arts and craft can be a great way to spend time with your children. The only trouble I find is that coming up with an idea can be tricky at times. If you google a “how to make” tutorial you can often find yourself with complex things you want to make with your kids but you never have the right items around your home.

If you are looking for an arts and craft idea to make at home why not try making a dream catcher. They look great, are easy to make, you will also have all you need around your house (materials) and they last for a very long time.

This video below will show you exactly how step by step.

What does a dreamcatcher do and how do they actually work

What does a dream catcher actually do

Dream catchers are said to watch over you when you sleep and guard you against bad or evil spirits that may effect your dreams and cause nightmares. It is said to work like a net that stops the bad dreams getting through and causing you to have nightmare.

dream catcher

Do they actually work?

There is no proof that dream catchers actually work. However there must be a reason why this tradition has lived on even though the tribe that made them died out long ago. You only have to do a quick Google search to see wherever or not people actually think they do work and most people claim they do.

My personal experience with dream catchers

do dream catchers work

I started hanging dream catchers above my bed around 6 years ago and I still have the occasional nightmare here and there but most of my dreams are more pleasant than bad or evil. I found I had less bad dreams when I first started using them this could be down to the placebo effect or psychology. Or it could be that we shouldn’t use the same dream catcher for to long as the net may fill up and not be able to hold as many bad dreams and then can’t protect you as the web is full.


Whatever the case dream catchers will either help you are not but if they don’t help you your in the same position as not having one but if they do then your dreams will become more happier which we all love. If you or your child is suffering from bad dreams then I suggest trying a dream catcher above their bed when they sleep at night and hopefully it will help.


Original music from the Ojibwe tribe and brief history

The tribe that made the dream catchers were called the Ojibwa tribe. They spoke a language called  Waadookodaading which nobody understands or speaks to this day. Judging by the spelling of the language it probably would be hard to pronounce for us now days.

If you picture old indian tribes chances are you picture something like this…

Ojibwa tribe

Red indians sitting around a camp fire playing a flute or smoking a pipe is a pretty typical thinking of the people who made dream catchers. Which is some what accurate but hard to tell as they pretty much all of them and their ancestors have died out or forgot their roots.

They lived in north and east of America and spanned around countless states, they were actually a huge tribe.

Ojibwa tribe location

Nothing remains of them today but a memory and a few stories of them actually existing.

What remains from them is the dream catcher and their music of the Ojibwa tribe which can be heard in the video below.