5 beautiful coloured dream catchers

When you think of dream catchers you probably think of one with a brown circle rim with white string and white or coloured feathers. Just like this traditional dream catcher below.

traditional dream catcher

For many years dream catchers looked similar to this design in terms of colour and style. Regarding this original dream catcher there has been many adaptations of it, you can see the different types of dream catchers here. However I am mainly focusing on the different coloured types of dream catchers out there.

Blue dream catcher with white strings

blue dream catcher

Pink dream catcher with white and brown feathers

pink dream catcher

Brown dream catcher with green feathers

 green dream catcher

White dream catcher with white feathers

white dream catcher

Red dream catcher with red and green feathers

red dream catcher

There are only 5 examples of the different types of colours dream catchers come in. As most of these are custom made they can come in so many different colours. In fact the possibilities of colours are actually endless and new designs are coming out each and every day.

10 of the best dream catcher tattoos I have even seen

Tattoos have been around even longer then the dream catcher has. Many tattoos were tribal tattoos and what area you lived it over 4000 years ago, that is why many people still have tribal tattoos and area code tattoos. Now days with the modern tattoo gun you can have any part of your body tattooed including your eyeball and inner lip.

Dream catchers symbolise many different things, chasing your dreams, continuing to dream. For each dream catcher tattoo people have there is always a deep meaning to them. A number of celebrities have gotten dream catcher tattoos, probably the most famous of these is Miley Cyrus.

Miley cyrus dreamcatcher tattoo

miley cyrus dream catcher tattoo

Miley Cyrus dream catcher tattoo

miley dreamcatcher tattoo

Miley Cyrus with a dream catcher necklace

miley cyrus dream catcher

It is not just the tattoos she loves, she is in love with the idea of what a dream catcher represents. This paved the way for many girls and boys to get dream catcher tattoos as a symbol of never giving up on your dreams.

10 beautiful dream catcher tattoos

1. Dream catcher arm tattoo

arm dream catcher tattoo

2. Dream catcher tattoo at the back of a girls neck.

back of neck dream catcher tattoo

3. Pretty pink colour dream catcher tattoo

color dream catcher tattoo

4. Black dream catcher tattoo with blue feathers.

dream catcher tattoo ideas

5. Small dream catcher tattoo behind the ear

neck dream catcher tattoo

6. Dream catcher tattoo on the side of her body

side dream catcher tattoo

7. Small dream catcher tattoo on back

small back dream catcher tattoo

8. Small dream catcher tattoo on wrist.

small dream catcher tattoo

9. Big dream catcher tattoo on thigh.

thigh dream catcher tattoo

10. Detailed dream catcher on wrist.

wrist dream catcher tattoo

Dream catchers are the perfect tattoo as they have so many deep meanings that can be tailor made to suit any person. They look great on any part of your body and any size big or small.

10 different types of dream catchers

What is a dream catcher

A dream catcher was originally made by the Ojibwe tride and was said to catch bad dreams and prevent nightmares from happening if you hang it above your bed while you slept. It consisted of a circular wooden ring with string or straw webbed through it just like a spiders web.

dream catcher

What types of dream catchers are there

There is pretty much only 1 type of dream catcher as pictured above, however there are many different variations as pictured below.

1 – Big dream catchers

big dream catcher

2 – Multiple dream catchers

black dream catcher

3 – Duo dream catchers

duo dream catcher

4 – Owl dream catchers
owl dream catcher

5 – Pink dream catchers

pink dream catcher

6 – Red dream catchers

red dream catcher

7 – White dream catchers

white dream catcher

8 – Small dream catchers

small dream catcher

9 – White dream catchers

white dream catcher

10 – Black dream catchers

black dream catcher

The dream catcher is said to be over 2000 years old spanning over countless generations. Now days the original tradition and believe is long gone and they are more of a fashionable item which has evolved into clothing and jewellery.

A dream catcher can be home made and you can choose any colour and attach any mixture of feather and other items to it leaving the question of the different types of dream catchers open to your imagination.

Love, valentines day gifts, hearts and dream catchers

Valentines day falls on 14th of February every year and if you are lucky to have a loved one to share it with chances are you will probably want to buy them a gift as well as taking them out for a posh expensive meal.

Valentines day

So why would I associate valentines day with dream catchers? The simple reason would be they make excellent gifts. Here me out… on valentines day suppose you need to buy your wife/husband a gift, you could go with a bottle of champagne, flowers or purfume but those gifts run out and don’t last long and they are not very original. People love gifts that last a life time and if you was to buy a dream catcher for somebody chances are when they look at them they will always remember you, those are the best kind of gifts.

valetines day gift ideas

So why do dream catchers make the perfect gift

Instead of writing a long boring block of text I will list the pros in bullet points

  • They are inexpensive and last a life time, unlike a bunch of roses
  • They are a unique gift idea that probably not many people have ever thought of before
  • Everybody dreams, so this is gift for men and women
  • They can be put in every room in your house or you could even hang it in your car (not that many people sleep in their car)
  • Most people find them beautiful but have never owned one
  • They suit all types of people and all ages, black or white, young or old, cool or uncool, men or women
  • If you make your own dream catcher you will probably get some brownie points to

love dream catcher

So is a dream catcher gift just for valentines day

Certainly not! You could probably give a dream catcher as a gift to pretty much anybody on any time of the year, even as a wedding present. Like I said they are a gift for everybody, and if you are anything like me and you struggle to buy people gifts because you can’t think of any ideas chances are a dream catcher would be suitable for you to buy.

wedding gifts

10 beautiful dream catcher sketches

There are some unbelievable artists out there in the world and many of them have taken the time to draw dream catchers. Here are the top 10 dream catcher sketches.

1 – Hand drawn black and white dream catcher with feathers

beautiful dream catcher drawing

2 – Colourful hand drawn dream catcher picture

color dream catcher sketch

3 – Dragon and dream catcher sketch

dragon dream catcher

4 – Picture of a dream catcher drawn with a pen

drawn dream catcher

5 – Free hand drawing of a dream catcher

dream catcher art

6 – Hand drawn pencil dream catcher sketch

dream catcher sketch

7 – Colour dream catcher drawing

dreamcatcher drawing

8 – Detailed dream catcher drawing

dreamcatcher sketch

9 – Amazing dream catcher drawing

hand drawn dream catcher

10 – Colour water paint dream catcher drawing

painted dream catcher

A unique way to decorate your bedroom

We all have somewhere where we sleep, even if you share a bedroom with your brother, sister, friend, husband or wife there are many ways in which you can spice up how your bedroom looks.

What bedroom theme do you have

The first thing you need to look at is what type of person are you or who is the person who is using the bedroom. What do they like, what is their age? For example a 15 year old isn’t going to be impressed if you put up hello kitty posters up. So you need to take into account fist of all. The next would be a colour or style theme, such as a purple them bedroom.

purple bedroom theme

The dreamcatcher bedroom design

Dream catchers can be used to decorate bedrooms and gives a unique feel to it if you hang one up just above your bed. However what about a dream catcher bedroom theme. This would give it a whole unique feel to it. Here are a few dream catcher bedroom ideas…

1 – You could simply hang a large sized dream catcher above your bedroom and it will automatically become the bedroom’s centre piece and transform a plain wall to a stylish wall.

big dream catcher

2 – This classy yet retro theme gives the dream catcher a medieval yet modernish feel.

classy dream catcher bedroom design

3 – This is a more modern style to a bedroom design, with a low leather bed and plain walls with a vinyl dream catcher it is a perfect example of how to decorate your bedroom wall uniquely. It would be perfect for both teenage girls and teenage boys.

modern dream catcher bedroom

4 – We can see how one dream catcher can transform a room, but how about multi types all hanging above the bed. This can be done over time and your dream catcher collection can grow and grow while you add more and more.

simple dream catcher bedroom

5 – This vintage style bedroom theme has hanging white sheets and a dream catcher giving it a 70’s feel to it.

vintage dream catcher design

Why dream catchers are so good to decorate your bedroom with

As you can see from the pictures above the first thing you notice in the room is the dream catchers. You are automatically drawn to them as they are unique and not found in everybodys bedroom. They are also not expensive to buy and are probably the cheapest way to decorate your bedroom in terms of value and style.

Who invented dream catchers

It is very difficult to say definitely that who invited the dream catcher. But it recognizes that it’s invented from North America, wherever a unique group who spoke Ojibwe was the leading group to originate and made the dream catcher. They have all the time been ornamented by cord and feathers and have continued in the similar form and stylishness while there are several up-to-date takings on which modification these, but it has more or a smaller amount remained the identical.

Who invented dream catchers


The Ojibwe language communities thought that the dream catcher moves toward from a spider woman in a visualization from an ethnic group leader and was expressed to instigate creation them to defend themselves from appalling dreams and evil dreams. The practice has held and currently a lot of people at the present time practice dream catchers to protect themselves from those kinds of terrible dreams.


Usually, the Ojibwe concept dream catchers by binding power elements in a net round a small round or slit formed the border of willow in a method unevenly compared to their technique for manufacture sleet shoe strap work. The follow-on dream catcher, dangled upstairs the bed, is cast off as an attraction to defend snoozing people, generally children, from dreams.

The Ojibwe have faith in that a dream catcher ups and downs a individual’s dream. Only worthy dreams would be allowable to strainer over wicked dreams would stop at the net, vanishing with the brightness of the day and good dreams would pass over and transparency down the feathers to the sleeper.

dream catcher invention

Once dream catchers were at first prepared, the Ojibwe people used willow rounds and power or cordage prepared from plants. The figure of the dream catcher is a ring for the reason that it characterizes how appearances the sun, moon, month travel all day through the sky There is sense to each portion of the dream catcher from the loop to the drops entrenched in the netting.


Where I can buy a dream catcher

You can buy a dream catcher at the present days on online. There are many website offering you to buy a dream catcher. On the other hand, there are many gift shop, where you find your choice able dream catcher.

There are many ways to buy a dream catcher. Get prepared to vicious circle of some good dreams. At first, you will need to create your own home-produced dream catcher. Check out for the directions to make dream catchers out of a selection of things. Select one plan to the wide-ranging with your friends or family members. Make sure that you check the list of materials, meanwhile you may need to make a rapid tour of the store before you get on track. When you are over, upload an image of your dream catcher to Facebook. Many people  can not delay to get what you homemade dream catcher looks like. Sleep with your homemade dream catcher and get Sweet dreams.

Where I can buy a dream catcher

The Holy Aptitude domain will frequently create with new and exciting dream catchers in online. The Dream Catcher is an important, pro-active method. Individuals diagonally the country sustain the dream catcher tradition. At the Nanticoke Indian Museum in Delaware, for example, ethnic artists brand and trade dream catchers in their gallery gift shop. Outside ethnic limits, attractive dream catcher wreckages service numerous dedications, including as wall long curtains outside of bedrooms, as rear view glass bits and pieces, and as such jewelry bits as ornaments and earrings. Dream catchers create great gifts for births, weddings, or birthdays. Get one for yourself to keep the bad dreams away.

Dangle a dream catcher on your car looking glass for good luck or dangle a dream catcher on your Christmas tree for a sole holiday enhancement. Big dream catchers create an abundant wall beautification for your native American themed interior decoration.

Use the dropdown bill of fare under the product description on custom handmade dream catchers to choice every selection just the way you want it.


Where are dream catchers from

In the book of Dens more’s 1979 “Chippewa Customs“, she has spoken the topic of dream catchers by saying that they symbolized and representative of the spider webs. The whole thing that was possibly risky was caught in the web, defensive the dynamisms of those sleeping there, particularly young children.

The Ojibwa did several techniques from the assets accessible to them, maximum of which had the sense that wanted to be understood though interlacing the dream catchers. Some of these, with the unique dream catchers had to do with mythologies of earlier predictions. One of these was the Seven Fires Prophecy of the Anishinabe.

Where are dream catchers from

Allowing to Ojibwe tradition, as dream catchers are actually prepared, the story of the Seven Fires should be expressed and considered upon. The story itself contains the Seven Prophets imminent to the Atlantic coast of North America to the Anishinabe, or the first people.

As soon as the Seven Prophets reached lots of years ago, entirely was well with the land. The mystics then provided the populaces seven prophecies which came to be identified as the Seven Fires. These predictions involved the alterations that would occur in the land in the upcoming years, the several changes that would be obligatory to endure supporting life, and utmost outstandingly, the coming of a competition of people that would reduce the Anishinabe. The clairvoyants said they should be observed at with carefulness.

The predictions expired on to say that the people would be motivated from their domains and homes by the light painful competition, and went on to term the ultimate obliteration that would come to the land. Out of this obliteration, the New People would be instinctive and would try to find to stand the voice of the ancestors.


What is a dream catcher

Dream catcher is completely charming and attractive. They are a Native American practice and have been rounded for age group to age group or generation to generation. Customary dream catchers are wished-for to defend people who are sleeping from deleterious, bad dreams whereas unmoving leasing the optimistic, good dreams come through. The good dreams go through the hole in the center of the dream catcher and then float down the feathers to the individual sleeping under. This of option is why persons say that dream catchers should continuously hang down above your bed, and then it won’t effort. It is supposed that the bad dreams become fixed up in the web through the darkness and once the sun rises and sparkles on the dream catcher, they get devastated. Native Americans and of developing others, actually trust that dream catchers have the control to catch a total of your nightmares; tricking the bad ones in the web, and only leasing the good dreams pass over the fleabag in the mid.

What is a dream catcher

Classic or traditional dream catchers are complete with a loop of willow and ornamenting it by bits and parts of daily life, such as feathers, arrowheads, beads, shells. Of course, recent dream catchers are same like as the earlier, though, they are also identical dissimilar. They are additional ornamented and decorative viewing as you could say.

You can realize that they are exactly comparable. Though, the changes are visible. The main change is that Native American was generally worried with the importance and mystical trust of the dream catchers and nowadays, people are additional apprehensive with excellence, appearances, and adornment.