Where can I buy a Dreamcatcher from?

Dreamcatchers originated several centuries ago in the Ojibwa tribe of Native America. Their use spread across several cultures soon after their introduction. The sole purpose of dreamcatchers during that era was to keep the horrifying and devilish nightmares away from a person’s sleep and allows the passage of pleasant dreams and thoughts. They were considered to be a highly effective against bad omens.

The use of dreamcatchers still holds up to date with their popularity only increasing over the years. There are many places where you can buy them, especially in many parts of Canada and USA as these countries has the highest demand for dreamcatchers. However, if you are unable to get hold of these very effective items against nightmares, then you always have the option of buying them online. There are various online stores that are selling them. They offer a wide range of assortment of dreamcatchers and the stiff competition in this field has also made their price reasonable.

buy dreamcatcher

If you are opting for dreamcatchers tattoos then it’s advised that you go for the artists that specialize in engraving dreamcatchers tattoos. If no one is available in your vicinity then you always have the option of choosing the design from various magazines or online sites and showing the same to a tattoo artist. Care must be taken in choosing the tattoo artist and you should always go for the reputed ones. If you are willing to devote some time and effort then even you can prepare a dream catcher with the help of a few raw materials which you can easily find.

Lastly, devote some time and effort in finding a reputed seller of dreamcatcher as it’s a sacred item and has got a deeper meaning and is much more than just a fashion accessory.

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Dreamcatcher symbolism and its meaning

Dreamcatcher are not just popular symbols in modern culture but have a rich history extending for over several centuries. Unlike these days where it is considered as more of a décor item, dreamcatcher has got a rich spiritual heritage and meaning.

The origin of dreamcatcher is believed to be from Native America. The concept of dreamcatcher is very clear, in the night the air is believed to be filled with good and bad dreams. The function of dreamcatcher is to trap the nightmares in the web and they will ultimately vanish during the sunrise, whereas the good dreams are passed unhindered through the soft feathers. The web design of dreamcatcher is derived from the fact that spiders always helped to protect the tribe. In ancient times the dreamcatcher were hung above the beds of the children to protect them in their sleep.dreamcatcher symbolism

Dreamcatchers are not very difficult to make and each component has got some vital meaning. To make them, a web is woven surrounding a willow hoop and various personal items are hung to the hoop in order to increase the sacred power and make it even stronger. Feathers are then adorned around it, often accompanied by the arrowheads and beads so as to offer a greater protection. The choice of type of feather is quite significant, like an owl’s feather is more apt for a female as it complements her wisdom and qualities, whereas feather of eagle is recommended for males as it’s a sign of strength and masculinity.

dreamcatcher symbolismOver the years, apart from the traditional dreamcatchers the popularity of dreamcatchers tattoos have increased rapidly. The artwork of such tattoos is mainly inspired by the original design. Quite like the real dreamcatchers, these tattoos symbolize protection. They help in further strengthening your relationship with your inner self.


Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning

Dreamcatchers Tattoos preventing nightmares with style

If horrifying nightmares are troubling you in the middle of the night then you must have a dreamcatcher in your vicinity. A lot of people resort to the use of dreamcatcher tattoos to get rid of this problem. Basically, dreamcatcher is a powerful symbol having a rich history. However, finding a perfect dreamcatcher isn’t that easy as there are a wide range of possibilities available.

dreamcatcher tattoo meaning

Dreamcatcher tattoos basically act as a dream filter that traps the bad, horrifying dreams and allows the good ones to pass through them. Various dreamcatcher tattoos can have different meanings; however their function is the same. The size of these tattoos can range from minute to enormous ones. Generally, women prefer having these tattoos on their ankle, nape and side of torso and men usually don them on their chest, biceps and back. Due to their elegant design and deep meanings, dreamcatcher tattoos are an effective way to keep nightmares away so that you can have a sound sleep.

dreamcatcher meaning

Over the years, the demand for getting dreamcatcher tattoos has increased considerably. There are lots of online and offline sources from where you can get it done. As these tattoos are permanent thus you should not be impulsive in selecting the style of the tattoo and should choose one only after giving it due consideration. A lot of people consider these tattoos as a style statement; still it has got a much deeper meaning and even finds a special mention in the ancient books.

How to make a diy dreamcatcher in a few easy steps

If you are one of those people who prefers to make things instead of going out and buying them then this is perfect for you to make your very own dream catcher. I’ve provided a step by step easy method to making your own dreamcatcher. It’s very easy to do and everything is shown in the picture below for you to follow easily when making it. So simple even kids can make their own dreamcatchers.

Step by step how to make a dreamcatcher

What you need

  • piece of bendable metal
  • string (thick and thin)
  • ribbon
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • beads

Step 1

Bend some metal into shape, don’t worry if it isn’t perfectly round that comes later. Just make sure the top is well secure.

Step 2

Get your string and start to weave it through the two wire frames and pull tight as you push it all up to the top so it is compact.

Step 3

Make sure the weaving is consistent and tight, as it will be hard to undo it once its done.

Step 4

Once you reach a nice distance of gap, carry on the weaving only on one thread, wrapping round the compacting as you go.

Step 5

Now the tricky part, up the other side. When you rech the right distance, you can start to weave both metal frames again, all the way to the top. (you will need to cut off a good amount from your collected cord, because the weave gap will be small.

Step 6

After you’ve tied off the weave tie on (and glue) another piece of cord, to the bottom frame, exactly the same as the fram above. Leave a good lenght on one end for the arm.

Step 7 

After you’ve compacted the thread on thwe lower frame to, tie it off and glue to secure it then leave the exact legnth you want for the other arm before you cut it.

Step 8

Add some more tails as many as you like as long as it looks good. Now the frame is complete you can customise it however you wish.

Step 9

You can wrap some ribbon around the whole frame of the dreamcatcher, adding a bit of simple colour. You can also add tails of ribbon if you’d like the colour to extend from the face of the catcher.  The ribbons will hold the feathers later on.

Step 10

Add the feathers onto the ribbon and thread string through the middle adding beads to it if you wish. Enjoy your dreamcatcher and well done.

making a dreamcatcher

Different forms of Dreamcatcher art

Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatchers have evolved over the many years since they were first used by the native Americans. Many people have taken to having a dreamcatcher tattoo onto them possible as a form of warding bad thoughts, feelings and negative energy away from them even when they are not sleeping.

Back tattoo of a dreamcatcher

back dreamcatcher tattoo

leg tattoo of a dream catcher

leg dreamcatcher tatoo

Neck tattoo of a dreamcatcher

neck dreamcatcher tattooDreamcatcher paintings

As well as tattoos there are also many paintings of dreamcatchers in existance. Many people tend to paint massive dreamcatchers above their beds on their bedroom wall instead of hanging a tiny little one above them. However there are also canvases paintings of dreamcatchers to which some look beautiful, just like the ones below.

Colorful dreamcatcher painting

dreamcatcher art

Black and white dreamcatcher canvas painting

dreamcatcher paintingDreamcatcher wall art

dreamcatcher wall painting

Crochet dreamcatchers

There are also many different materials now being used to make dreamcatchers. Many people now crochet dreamcatchers rather than use the traditional materials that were once used. Giving them more of a decorative theme than a symbolic meaning. 

colourful crochet dreamcatcher

colourful crochet dreamcatcher

White crochet dreamcatcher

white crochet dreamcatcher

What is a Dreamcatcher ?

The story behind Dreamcatchers

The story behind what a dream catcher does was founded around 1000 years ago by native Americans who believed that its web like shape would catch all your bad dreams and let the good dreams slip through if hung above your head while you sleep.

What do Dreamcatchers look like

Dreamcatchers were originally made from wood which was crafted into a hollow circle shape then had threaded string webbed arcoss its center to give it a web catching dream effect. Below is a picture of a traditional Dreamcatcher.


They were usually decorated with a few eagle feathers and seeds with the string in the center either having a pattern or just strung across randomly.

Are Dreamcatchers still used today

As there are not many practising native Americans around in this day and age the original tradition is somewhat of a legends. However many people still believe that dreamcatchers really do catch your bad dreams and are hung over many peoples heads as they sleep at night hoping to never have a nightmare again.