Proof that dream catchers work

Many people are always sceptical about dream catchers and whether they actually work. There is no proof that they do work, but there is no proof that they actually don’t work. I know that sounds laughable to say the least but hear me out. Many people swear by dream catchers about how they have saved them from the terrors of nightmares. Take for example my mothers friend who’s daughter had really bad nightmares and nothing was helping her, she even had a priest come round and bless the house. That didn’t work I suggested a dream catcher and the little girl never had a nightmare again. Now when she goes to sleep at anybody else’s house she brings her dream catcher with her.

It is honestly hard to tell, there was obviously some legend or myth behind it all to still be going for over 1000 years. Now days many people just regard or use them as decoration in their homes or cars but many folks still feel that dream catchers protect their homes from evil spirits. I for one have many dream catchers in my home and car to which I think look beautiful and I love the amazing designs on a lot of them but I feel like they have done only a small amount of things spiritually to myself. I still have the odd nightmare here and there but it is super rare compared to before I had dream catchers. This could just be because I grew older or that it may be that there are some magically powers behind dream catchers.

With that all being said it is honestly had to say or to tell whether or not dream catchers really do work or it is one of the biggest scams in history. To be honest I don’t care as they look amazing and have helped many young people have a better night sleep with just a simple cheap purchase which anybody can do or even make themselves. There must be a reason why the sales of dream catchers have rocketed over the last 10 years and why more and more people have them in their homes and above their children’s beds.

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