The best place to buy dream catchers from online

There are a number of websites that sell dream catchers and they are often hard to find and don’t hold the greatest amount of stock or even have the same stock for the past 5 years which is not good for somebody like me who buys dream catchers a few times a year.

Depending on what style of dream catcher you want the price can vary a great deal. The main different in price I find is the type of feathers that are used and the size of the dream catcher.

Take for example one of the more expensive dream catchers on the market.

expensive dream catcher

The price is over $100. This is probably one of the most expensive dream catchers you can buy online today. To be honest there is not a great deal of difference between this and $30 hand made dream catcher.

buy dream catcher

Websites I recommend – On this website everything has to be handmade and you can find a more unique style of dream catchers on here then a factory volume on other websites.

Ebay.comĀ – There is less choice on Ebay than the others on this list however if you order directly from China which you can do you will find yourself a bargain in the auction section. – I buy most of mine from amazon due to the fast shipping and I find there goods are more of a higher quality and the price is reflected in the goods quality.