How to draw a dream catchers step by step with video and pictures

When drawing a dream catcher there are many different variations you can go for but most of them have the same thing in common so you have to learn these steps below then you can add your own touches to each of your drawings. There is a video and pictures below under the steps so you can easily follow both.detailed-dream-catcher

Step 1

Draw a circle, you can use a compass or something round to draw around to make the perfect circle. Then you draw another circle around it which is a bit smaller and then a small circle in the middle

Step 2

Then draw 2 lines going into each other and continue this all the way around to form the netting inside the dream catcher.


Step 3

Add in the beads and lines around the outta circle to give the string that wraps around it the effect.

Step 4

You can then draw the feathers on them stemming from a line down from the circle.


Step 5

Add as many feathers as you like and some more beads above them. Finally add shading and some more details as you wish.


Once you have learned this 5 steps you will have something that looks like this picture below. You can add birds, butterflies, roses and all other animals or pretty much anything you want after this. how-to-draw-a-dream-catcher