A unique way to decorate your bedroom

We all have somewhere where we sleep, even if you share a bedroom with your brother, sister, friend, husband or wife there are many ways in which you can spice up how your bedroom looks.

What bedroom theme do you have

The first thing you need to look at is what type of person are you or who is the person who is using the bedroom. What do they like, what is their age? For example a 15 year old isn’t going to be impressed if you put up hello kitty posters up. So you need to take into account fist of all. The next would be a colour or style theme, such as a purple them bedroom.

purple bedroom theme

The dreamcatcher bedroom design

Dream catchers can be used to decorate bedrooms and gives a unique feel to it if you hang one up just above your bed. However what about a dream catcher bedroom theme. This would give it a whole unique feel to it. Here are a few dream catcher bedroom ideas…

1 –¬†You could simply hang a large sized dream catcher above your bedroom and it will automatically become the bedroom’s centre piece and transform a plain wall to a stylish wall.

big dream catcher

2 – This classy yet retro theme gives the dream catcher a medieval yet modernish feel.

classy dream catcher bedroom design

3 – This is a more modern style to a bedroom design, with a low leather bed and plain walls with a vinyl dream catcher it is a perfect example of how to decorate your bedroom wall uniquely. It would be perfect for both teenage girls and teenage boys.

modern dream catcher bedroom

4 – We can see how one dream catcher can transform a room, but how about multi types all hanging above the bed. This can be done over time and your dream catcher collection can grow and grow while you add more and more.

simple dream catcher bedroom

5 – This vintage style bedroom theme has hanging white sheets and a dream catcher giving it a 70’s feel to it.

vintage dream catcher design

Why dream catchers are so good to decorate your bedroom with

As you can see from the pictures above the first thing you notice in the room is the dream catchers. You are automatically drawn to them as they are unique and not found in everybodys bedroom. They are also not expensive to buy and are probably the cheapest way to decorate your bedroom in terms of value and style.