The best dream catchers for men

Dream catchers are usually associated with teenage girls who have it hanging above their bed in their pink themed bedroom, kind of like the picture below.

However ugly you think this bedroom is, it is a typical girls room with a dream catcher in it. However when you think of dream catchers you don’t usually think of men having dream catchers in their bedrooms. Although there are many types of dream catchers that will suit a man or boys bedroom.

Dream catchers for men

Take for example this dream catcher which is green and black it is unlike to be in a girls bedroom and more in a young mans room.

Also this one below can be something a guy is more likely to buy and own rather than a woman.

When choosing a dream catcher as a man there are a few things you have to bear in mind. Color is important, the darker the color the better, it is more likely to have a brown, black, blue, green or grey colored dream catcher rather than the brighter colors like pink.

Dream catchers for cars

Most males love their cars and tend to look for a decent car and stuff to put in it, it is not uncommon for men to hang dream catchers in their car as many have started to put dream catchers hanging from their rear view mirror. If your a male and don’t want to hang one in your bedroom you can always hang it in your car.