What stores sell dream catchers in USA

There are a number of places you can buy dream catchers from in the united states. Typically big brand stores shelve space can be very profitable and they only stock items that sell fast and often all year around. Dream catchers are not the best sellers in comparison to other items and therefore big stores don’t always stock them.

Shops that sell dream catchers in the USA

Target.com – Target do sometimes sell dream catchers as well as arts and crafts tools to make your own dream catcher. They also sell dream catcher style items like bed sheets and iphone cases.

Accessorize.com – Accessorize do stock a large variety of dream catcher items, including ear rings, necklaces and the actual dream catchers

Claries.com – Claries do always have dream catchers in stock and have about 40+ items always for sale and is probably the best bet for finding a dream catcher in store. However most of the dream catchers are very girly and made for teenage girls rather than grown men or women.

Other places to buy dream catchers

Other than the 3 stores named above your best bet is to buy online or at handmade stores that sell ones made by ordinary people. These are likely to be better quality and more unique however they are likely to be more expensive as they are going to be mass produced.