How much does a dream catcher tattoo cost

The cost of a dream catcher tattoo varies depending on where you are and what size of tattoo you want. Most tattoo parlours charge on an hourly basis unless you have something very unique or specific and do a set price deal with the tattoo artist.

What effects the cost of a dream catcher tattoo

  • Time spent by the tattoo artist
  • The detail of the tattoo
  • The skill of the tattoo artist
  • The country or city you are in

Dream catcher tattoos and their cost

This tattoo below is an average style dream catcher which would of been copied from a small image and made larger on the body using a stencil. It would take approximately 1-2 hours plus 1 more hour for shading to complete. The average price for an hour would be $50-$100 meaning this tattoo would of cost somewhere between $150-$300.

A full sleeve with a dream catcher tattoo would cost around $500 on average in America.

A small dream catcher tattoo in terms of cost would be around $70-$80 if you use a normal high street tattoo artist. If you go for a more well known premium tattoo artist you can look to pay anywhere from $150-$1800 for the tattoo down below.

 You should always remember a tattoo is pretty much for life and you should never go for the cheaper option, it is worth it to save up and wait till you get the right booking with a good tattoo artist then risk ruining your tattoo and skin.