What is a dream catcher

Dream catcher is completely charming and attractive. They are a Native American practice and have been rounded for age group to age group or generation to generation. Customary dream catchers are wished-for to defend people who are sleeping from deleterious, bad dreams whereas unmoving leasing the optimistic, good dreams come through. The good dreams go through the hole in the center of the dream catcher and then float down the feathers to the individual sleeping under. This of option is why persons say that dream catchers should continuously hang down above your bed, and then it won’t effort. It is supposed that the bad dreams become fixed up in the web through the darkness and once the sun rises and sparkles on the dream catcher, they get devastated. Native Americans and of developing others, actually trust that dream catchers have the control to catch a total of your nightmares; tricking the bad ones in the web, and only leasing the good dreams pass over the fleabag in the mid.

What is a dream catcher

Classic or traditional dream catchers are complete with a loop of willow and ornamenting it by bits and parts of daily life, such as feathers, arrowheads, beads, shells. Of course, recent dream catchers are same like as the earlier, though, they are also identical dissimilar. They are additional ornamented and decorative viewing as you could say.

You can realize that they are exactly comparable. Though, the changes are visible. The main change is that Native American was generally worried with the importance and mystical trust of the dream catchers and nowadays, people are additional apprehensive with excellence, appearances, and adornment.


Dream catcher necklaces

The evolution of dream catchers have been going on since before Christ. Now in our modern day with find many different styles of dream catchers, with even people getting tattoos of them.

So what about jewellery? Well there has not been a mass production of dream catcher necklaces, however you can find many handmade dream catcher necklaces on websites such as etsy.com and ebay.com.

big dream catcher necklace

When wearing a baggy long shirt a big dream catcher necklace looks great and adds that vintage look to your outfit.


dream catcher necklace


A smaller type of necklace, this light blue coloured one will suit more casual styles.
dreamcatcher necklaceThis necklace has more eye catching feathers to it if that is more your style or the look you are going for.


grey dreamcatcher necklace


A cute mini silver necklace is probably one of the most popular dream catcher necklaces as it looks stylish and suits every outfit pretty much.rainbow dream catcher necklace


Rainbow style dream catcher necklaces are more suited to teenage girls as they love to look great and stand out.

silver dreamcatch necklace

A single feather dream catcher necklace looks great for those hot summer days.

Dream catcher necklaces are great if you are looking for a unique style as not many stores sell them. If you find them online you will find yourself having that original style and touch to your outfit. The only trouble with them is that as they are handmade they tend to be more expensive, however a custom made necklace will always find a place in your heart I promise you.


What raw materials do you need to make a dream catcher

Instead of buying your own dream catcher which can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars if you get a custom made one. However there is nothing better than making your own dream catcher. homemade dreamcatcher

So what do you need to make your very own homemade dreamcatcher? 

dreamcatcher ring

1. A plastic or metal bendable ring which will be the base for your dream catcher


2. Your will also need string to wrap around the base and to hang the feathers from


3. You will have to have ribbon to hang the feathers from. This works well when you use many different colours


4. Feathers will be used to decorate your dream catcher, using colourful ones or one colour will be fine.

dreamcatcher beads

5. Beads will be used around the centre of your dreamcatcher along where the string is spun inside the ring.

These are the basic 5 items needed to make your very own dream catcher, as you practice more you may find your own unique styles and methods to add to this basic model for making a dream catcher.

If you need a step by step method to making a dream catcher click here.