Where is the best place to hang your dream catcher

Dream catchers are very light and easy to hang up. You only need a hook or a nail on a wall to hang them. This makes them very versatile and you can easily move them around and place them somewhere else. Below are listed the most common place to hang a dream catcher.

In a bathroom

dream catcher bathroom

Although you probably won’t get much sleep in your bathroom for your dream catcher to catch your dream they do make a beautiful decoration on your wall and as they come in all different sorts of colors it is easy to find one that will match your restroom.

In your bedroom

dream catcher bedroom

This goes without saying, the most popular place to hang a dream catcher is just above your head where you sleep at night. This does not necessarily mean that you can’t have it anywhere else in your room. You could simply have it anywhere in a room where you sleep and it will catch your dream.

A dream catcher in your car

dream catcher car

I have only seen myself have this, instead of an air fresher you could have a small or medium sized dream catcher in your car hanging from your rear view mirror or even hanging off the back of the outside of the car, just make sure it doesn’t obstruct your view when driving.

Your living room

dream catcher living room

As I said above a dream catcher is easy to move around and can be hung in pretty much any room. A nice way to spice up your decor in your living room is by buying a dream catcher which will in turn give your room a whole new make over for only a small amount of dollars.

In your study

dream catcher study

I personally have a dream catcher right above my desk in my office. The reason for this is I often find myself day dreaming so it can catch my bad thoughts there. Plus it looks good.


outside dream catcher

Last but not least a dream catcher outside looks so mysterious in the sunset like this picture above. I have about 4 in my garden mixed in with some chimes and it gives a wonderful area for me to relax in and read a book.