Dreamcatcher symbolism and its meaning

Dreamcatcher are not just popular symbols in modern culture but have a rich history extending for over several centuries. Unlike these days where it is considered as more of a décor item, dreamcatcher has got a rich spiritual heritage and meaning.

The origin of dreamcatcher is believed to be from Native America. The concept of dreamcatcher is very clear, in the night the air is believed to be filled with good and bad dreams. The function of dreamcatcher is to trap the nightmares in the web and they will ultimately vanish during the sunrise, whereas the good dreams are passed unhindered through the soft feathers. The web design of dreamcatcher is derived from the fact that spiders always helped to protect the tribe. In ancient times the dreamcatcher were hung above the beds of the children to protect them in their sleep.dreamcatcher symbolism

Dreamcatchers are not very difficult to make and each component has got some vital meaning. To make them, a web is woven surrounding a willow hoop and various personal items are hung to the hoop in order to increase the sacred power and make it even stronger. Feathers are then adorned around it, often accompanied by the arrowheads and beads so as to offer a greater protection. The choice of type of feather is quite significant, like an owl’s feather is more apt for a female as it complements her wisdom and qualities, whereas feather of eagle is recommended for males as it’s a sign of strength and masculinity.

dreamcatcher symbolismOver the years, apart from the traditional dreamcatchers the popularity of dreamcatchers tattoos have increased rapidly. The artwork of such tattoos is mainly inspired by the original design. Quite like the real dreamcatchers, these tattoos symbolize protection. They help in further strengthening your relationship with your inner self.