Who invented dream catchers

Nobody can say for sure who invented the dream catcher. However we do know it originated from North America where the original natives who spoke Ojibwe first began crafting them. They have always been decorated with string and feathers and have remained in the same shape and style although there are many modern takes on which change this but it has more or less stayed the same.dream catcher

The Ojibwe speaking natives believed that the dream catcher came from a spider woman in a vision from a tribe leader and was told to begin making them to protect themselves from terrible dreams and bad visions. The tradition has stuck and now many of us to this day use dream catchers to protect ourselves from those awful nightmares.

Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning

Dreamcatchers Tattoos preventing nightmares with style

If horrifying nightmares are troubling you in the middle of the night then you must have a dreamcatcher in your vicinity. A lot of people resort to the use of dreamcatcher tattoos to get rid of this problem. Basically, dreamcatcher is a powerful symbol having a rich history. However, finding a perfect dreamcatcher isn’t that easy as there are a wide range of possibilities available.

dreamcatcher tattoo meaning

Dreamcatcher tattoos basically act as a dream filter that traps the bad, horrifying dreams and allows the good ones to pass through them. Various dreamcatcher tattoos can have different meanings; however their function is the same. The size of these tattoos can range from minute to enormous ones. Generally, women prefer having these tattoos on their ankle, nape and side of torso and men usually don them on their chest, biceps and back. Due to their elegant design and deep meanings, dreamcatcher tattoos are an effective way to keep nightmares away so that you can have a sound sleep.

dreamcatcher meaning

Over the years, the demand for getting dreamcatcher tattoos has increased considerably. There are lots of online and offline sources from where you can get it done. As these tattoos are permanent thus you should not be impulsive in selecting the style of the tattoo and should choose one only after giving it due consideration. A lot of people consider these tattoos as a style statement; still it has got a much deeper meaning and even finds a special mention in the ancient books.