What do dream catchers do

Dream catchers are said to catch all the bad thoughts, feelings, bad dreams and nightmares that happen when you are sleep. Instead of living or remembering these dreams when you wake up they are caught on the web of it and forgotten forever.

dreamcatcher black and white

There is no scientific proof that dream catchers actually do work or set out to do what they are made for. Many of the people who have them simply have them to decorate their homes or bedrooms.


However there have been many reports of people having bad dreams or nightmares and then simply having  a dream catcher above their heads has helped them from having them. Many people swear by them and many won’t go to sleep unless they have their dream catcher with them. A lot of people will bring one with them when they stay on holiday for fear of something bad happening to them or having a really bad nightmare.


Dreamcatcher History – All You Need to Know

The history revolving around dreamcatcher is a long and rich one. It is dated to several centuries ago and can be traced to the Ojibway Chippewa tribe of Native America. The people of this tribe used to tie the strands of sinew string on a frame which was made up of a tear-drop shaped wood to prepare dreamcatcher. Event till date the patterns of the dreamcatcher are quite similar to the original designs. It is also a symbol of utility and strength and is helps to unite people.

dreamcatcher history

It is believed that the dreamcatchers were originally made to protect children from horrifying nightmares. The legend is that the dreamcatcher will catch the bad dreams in its webbing and ensure safe and sound sleep of a child.  On the other hands, the dreams that are good will find their own way to the center of the dreamcatcher and will float down. The slightest movement of feather of the dreamcatchers hints that another good dream has passed by. Thus, in simpler words dreamcatcher used to act as a filter allowing just the pleasant dreams to pass through it and bless the people sleeping. It also marked the use of semi precious gemstones, one with each web as there is just one creator in the life’s web.

native dreamcatcher

As it got popular with Ojibway Chippewa tribe, the use of dreamcatchers soon spread to various other Native Indian tribes including Navajo, Lakota as well as Cherokee. History revels that grandparents of the newborns used to prepare them for the newborns. In the modern era, the popularity of dreamcatchers is still holding up, especially in countries like US and Canada. It has even become a fashion statement and not just something that will drive bad dreams away.