Top 10 facts about dream catchers

1. Dream catchers have been around for over 1000 years.

2. Dream catchers come in all different shapes and sizes. You can now buy belly rings, lamp shades, clothes and earrings all in the shape and style of dream catchers.

dream catcher facts

3. There is no proof dream catchers work.

4. However there is no proof they don’t work.

5. Dream catchers are said to catch all your bad dreams and if it the web is ripped or broken all the dreams will be released back into your mind to later come back.

6. Over 300,000 people a month search for information on dream catchers.

facts about dream catchers

7. Over 17 million dream catchers are sold every year.

8. The tribe that invented dream catchers called it an asabikeshiinh which means spider.

9. The natives that first began making dream catchers spoke a language called Ojibwe which nobody speaks to this day.

10. Dreamcatcher was also a name of a film in 2003 which involved aliens and had nothing to do with dreams.