How much does a dream catcher cost?

Dream catchers price varies depending on the material used, who is selling it and what country it was made. It may come as no surprise that a dream catcher made in china will average for around $3, and on average one made in the USA would cost around $7-$20. Also there are a number of other factors that you need to take into consideration such as the materials used, if it is an individual selling it rather than a company than you will probably see a lower price.

The 3 biggest sellers of dream catchers are Amazon, Ebay and Esty. Below I will list the prices of each most expensive to cheapest.

dream catcher price

Amazon – Starting from $4 all the way to $150

Ebay – Anywhere between $3 to $70

Esty – $10 to $60

Depending on what you are looking for a dream catcher can cost around $10 on average. I would recommend a $15 to $20 dream catcher as the quality is always better with these.