How to make a diy dreamcatcher in a few easy steps

If you are one of those people who prefers to make things instead of going out and buying them then this is perfect for you to make your very own dream catcher. I’ve provided a step by step easy method to making your own dreamcatcher. It’s very easy to do and everything is shown in the picture below for you to follow easily when making it. So simple even kids can make their own dreamcatchers.

Step by step how to make a dreamcatcher

What you need

  • piece of bendable metal
  • string (thick and thin)
  • ribbon
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • beads

Step 1

Bend some metal into shape, don’t worry if it isn’t perfectly round that comes later. Just make sure the top is well secure.

Step 2

Get your string and start to weave it through the two wire frames and pull tight as you push it all up to the top so it is compact.

Step 3

Make sure the weaving is consistent and tight, as it will be hard to undo it once its done.

Step 4

Once you reach a nice distance of gap, carry on the weaving only on one thread, wrapping round the compacting as you go.

Step 5

Now the tricky part, up the other side. When you rech the right distance, you can start to weave both metal frames again, all the way to the top. (you will need to cut off a good amount from your collected cord, because the weave gap will be small.

Step 6

After you’ve tied off the weave tie on (and glue) another piece of cord, to the bottom frame, exactly the same as the fram above. Leave a good lenght on one end for the arm.

Step 7 

After you’ve compacted the thread on thwe lower frame to, tie it off and glue to secure it then leave the exact legnth you want for the other arm before you cut it.

Step 8

Add some more tails as many as you like as long as it looks good. Now the frame is complete you can customise it however you wish.

Step 9

You can wrap some ribbon around the whole frame of the dreamcatcher, adding a bit of simple colour. You can also add tails of ribbon if you’d like the colour to extend from the face of the catcher.  The ribbons will hold the feathers later on.

Step 10

Add the feathers onto the ribbon and thread string through the middle adding beads to it if you wish. Enjoy your dreamcatcher and well done.

making a dreamcatcher