Dream catcher tattoo ideas for men

When you think of a dream catcher tattoo you probably think of a hipster girl around 21 years old looking like this pic below where has the tattoo in a specific place like her hip, side or just below her boob. However men actually get dream catcher tattoos to.


So forget all these pretty instagram girls inked with dream catcher tattoos, below are some amazing men with dream catcher tattoos.

Side dream catcher tattoo

This one is a take on what most girls get but very large, before I saw this picture I would never think it could actually work but it doesn’t look to bad.


Shoulder dream catcher tattoo

Another place a man could have one of these tattoos is on the shoulder, now this tattoo has a manly feel to it with a skull in the middle of the dream catcher.


Wolf dream catcher tattoo

Another style on the shoulder is a wolf tattoo in the middle instead of the skull above.


Ying yang dream catcher tattoo

Another male style tattoo on the shoulder would be to have a nice dream catcher inked on it with a ying and yang in the middle.


Dream catcher behind ear tattoo

This is a 2 part dream catcher tattoo idea, you have to wear a dream catcher ear plug with a tattoo behind the ear or you can have a single see through plug.


3D dream catcher tattoo

3D tattoos are on the rise and this one is no exception as to why. A rose on top, with an eye in the middle of the dream catcher is an amazing tattoo design.

Best 3d DreamCatcher Tattoos