The best authentic dream catchers

You can’t always tell a new modern style dream catcher apart from an authentic made dream catcher. Sadly there are not any ancient India’s around to make them how they were made before but their traditions do live today.

Modern dream catcher

Modern dream catchers come in many different forms, like this one below is not weaved with string but with cotton and doesn’t have feathers on it or beads in the string.

This style below is also very different as it is in the shape of a tree rather than a spider web style.

Authentic dream catchers

Authentic dream catchers look like the 2 dream catchers below. They have a few distinct feathers. They are, a string weaved in the middle, with beads along the string with feathers attached to the bottom. It is pretty obvious the difference but hopefully this clears up the difference between authentic dream catchers and modern unique styled ones.

The one above is more detailed and probably would only be for the chiefs of the village rather than the ordinary people unlike the one below.