5 unique rainbow dream catcher designs

These are hundreds if not thousands of dream catcher designs now. It is hard to actually find a plain dream catcher now days as the unique style designs are in higher demand. A dream catcher trend that will be big in 2017 onwards is the rainbow dream catcher is one of the fastest selling style of dream catcher. Below are 5 rainbow dream catcher designs that gives you an idea what to get should you be looking for one.

Handmade rainbow dream catcher

This is a preium style dream catcher that is hand woven and has multi hoops with multi colored tread and feathers.

Small multi rainbow dream catcher

This style is longer than the others but the rings are smaller and individually colored. Great for hanging on a long wall or in the garden.

Double ring rainbow dream catcher

This is a thicker style dream catcher and instead of string wrapped around it, it has beads due to it being made to be hung outside or in your yard.

Heart shaped dream catcher

Similar in design to the one above but it has 4 hoops which are heart shaped.

Spiral centre rainbow dream catcher

A more unique styled dream catcher as the middle isn’t a spiders net but a spiral going into the centre. The rainbow colors add to the effect and have little butterflies hanging above the feathers.