Original music from the Ojibwe tribe and brief history

The tribe that made the dream catchers were called the Ojibwa tribe. They spoke a language called  Waadookodaading which nobody understands or speaks to this day. Judging by the spelling of the language it probably would be hard to pronounce for us now days.

If you picture old indian tribes chances are you picture something like this…

Ojibwa tribe

Red indians sitting around a camp fire playing a flute or smoking a pipe is a pretty typical thinking of the people who made dream catchers. Which is some what accurate but hard to tell as they pretty much all of them and their ancestors have died out or forgot their roots.

They lived in north and east of America and spanned around countless states, they were actually a huge tribe.

Ojibwa tribe location

Nothing remains of them today but a memory and a few stories of them actually existing.

What remains from them is the dream catcher and their music of the Ojibwa tribe which can be heard in the video below.