What does a dreamcatcher do and how do they actually work

What does a dream catcher actually do

Dream catchers are said to watch over you when you sleep and guard you against bad or evil spirits that may effect your dreams and cause nightmares. It is said to work like a net that stops the bad dreams getting through and causing you to have nightmare.

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Do they actually work?

There is no proof that dream catchers actually work. However there must be a reason why this tradition has lived on even though the tribe that made them died out long ago. You only have to do a quick Google search to see wherever or not people actually think they do work and most people claim they do.

My personal experience with dream catchers

do dream catchers work

I started hanging dream catchers above my bed around 6 years ago and I still have the occasional nightmare here and there but most of my dreams are more pleasant than bad or evil. I found I had less bad dreams when I first started using them this could be down to the placebo effect or psychology. Or it could be that we shouldn’t use the same dream catcher for to long as the net may fill up and not be able to hold as many bad dreams and then can’t protect you as the web is full.


Whatever the case dream catchers will either help you are not but if they don’t help you your in the same position as not having one but if they do then your dreams will become more happier which we all love. If you or your child is suffering from bad dreams then I suggest trying a dream catcher above their bed when they sleep at night and hopefully it will help.