Difference sizes of dream catchers

Dream catchers come in all different shapes and sizes and there is no particular style for them either. You can adapt the colors of pretty much everything from the ring, the string and even the feathers. The main size variations comes from the size of the ring, but changing this it can be made into any size with people even making dream catchers out of hula hoops.

The biggest dream catcher

biggest dream catcher

One of the biggest dream catchers ever made was put outside Arizona in the Sonoran desert. It is a permanent structure and you will probably struggle to find one as big as this.

Large/Big dream catchers

big dream catcher

With the dream catchers popularity still growing with each year many homes across the USA have dream catchers in them. And as with most things in the States things are bigger and better. Huge dream catchers are now across millions of peoples beds when they sleep at night.

Medium sized dream catchers

normal dream catcher

These are probably what comes to mind when you think of a dream catcher and usually it is the first one people buy or make. They are around 4-12 inches long and come in a huge amount of different styles.

Small dream catchers

small dream catcher

Many people are now making mini dream catchers that are equally as beautiful as the large ones. Some can be used to decorate your bedroom as normal or some are turned into different everyday objects like jewelry or key rings.