The Legend of dream catchers

Now this is a bit of a spooky one, the legend of the dream catcher. According to the ancient tribe Objibwe who first made the dream catchers, the dead and spirits are all among us. It is said that some are good and some are evil spirits. They are in a form of limbo where they are left roaming the earth up to god knows what. Some are your ancestors but some are people who have lived where you currently live or died where you currently live or even buried there.

Although most spirits from the dead will never come into contact with you some people do try to make connections with the after life and this gives them a portal entry to our world again, leaving them free to roam. This usually happens at night when you are sleeping is also when you are most vulnerable.

Dream catchers are said to prevent anything or anybody coming into your dreams or trying to enter your mind. Hanging one over your bed wards off evil thoughts from the spirit world and only lets the good dreams through. Many people who suffer from really bad nightmares find that they have tried many different methods to try and combat their bad dreams but they all seem to fail. Give a dream catcher a go and you will see how it catches the bad dreams in its net and lets the good ones through.

Many people are skeptical about dream catchers but there is obviously a reason the Objibwe tribe made it mandatory for every one of its tribesmen to have it over their bed when they sleep even when they are out on hunting expeditions.

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