What is the purpose of a dreamcatcher

Dream catchers were made by the red Indians for only one purpose. It came in a vision that the chief saw in the camp fire flames that a dark evil force had cursed his people and tribe. The evilness can not be fought on the battlefield and will only come to his people in the night time when they are asleep to corrupt their minds.

This was said to be the curse of the spider as the tribe who first made dream catchers were called Objibwe which means spider when loosely translated. It was said that the only way to prevent the curse was to have protection over them when they sleep, thus the dream catcher was born. Each person had to sleep with one to prevent the evil spirits interfering with them and it was a common gift given at the time. The curse is said to still be around today and this is why many people still sleep with dream catchers now and those who do not tend to have bad dreams every once in a while.


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