Where do you hang dream catchers

Dream catchers look great pretty much anywhere you hang them. The most common place to hang them is obviously above the bed you sleep in, however there are alternative areas of your home you can hang them.


Pretty much the most obvious place that a dream catcher would be hung in and it is usually above the head of the bed.


Dream catchers do actually look amazing outside on your garage or just in your garden, just make sure they are secured properly so they don’t blow away on those windy days.

In your car

This is more of a guy thing than anything else, but hanging a dream catcher in the car has become an even more popular idea.

In the lounge

Also know as the living room it looks perfect and best of all you can buy the ideal colour and style of dream catchers to match the theme of your room.

Dream catchers pretty much look great anywhere you hang them.

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